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Marmaris is perfect location for sailing. 

Hisarönü Bay is the most common destination for sailing. There are so many options as spots to anchor or moore. Bozukkale, Çiftlik, Serçe Limanı, Dirsek Bükü, Bencik are some exampkes of the most famous ones. 

If you would like to make longer cruises, we can continue until Knidos. Some other examples on this route are Kurucabük, Datça, Armutlusu, Hayıt Bükü, Palamut bükü. Click here to see all these locations on map. Click here for detailed plan.

Greek Islands is also another option for sailing routes. Rhodes, Simi, Chalki, Tilos are some of the islands to visit. They respectively close to Marmaris. Each has a unique character. You will be a fan of lovely Greek music and delicious Greek Cuisine.

Göcek is another destination with its beautiful nature. Many spots to enjoy. Some of them are Sarsala, Boynuzbuku, Bedri Rahmi, Hamam. So many restaurants for mooring with local foods and very delicious foods are waiting for you.





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