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Updated: Apr 19, 2020

It starts with discovering the subject that gives you the highest joy and pleasure. You might find it out by coincidence. Or you might discover your favorite activity during school ages, or maybe after 40s. But mostly, it depends on trying different actions. The worst scenario is not to be able to discover anything at all.

Once if someone discovers his or her hobby, then it is much easier to decide on what to do as work. This gives the advantage to plan the way leading to happiness. If you are enjoying your job, then you are the lucky one. I am sure that, people who are experiencing that, will agree with me.

As I mentioned at the beginning, it is starting with discovering your hobby. You do it more once you love it, and you love it more once you enjoy working on it. Of course, there are so many other parameters to formulize in order to make money from your hobby. But the first parameter is to find out your hobby. Without that, it is almost impossible.

So keep searching if you couldn’t find it yet. Especially younger readers; be sure that you will need it after 40s.

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You can make a holiday with a sail boat in Marmaris. This might help you a lot for your discovery.


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