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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

For a couple of days, I have been thinking about what to write for my first blog and finally a i have decided to write about myself. This will be the best and easist start for me. There are many people who don’t know about me on my digital world channels.

It was spring of 2005 when i have stepped on a sail boat. Those days, i was walking with a crutch because of a terrible traffic accident i had. One of my close friend invited me for that cruise that they will do for training. Destination was from Fenerbahçe to Trilye. I couldn’t come over his insists and accepted to join them. Route was Fenerbahce - Trilye - Fenerbahce and it was only 2 days duration. I have spent most of my time with sitting as my leg was not totally recovered yet. But still, i can not forget the excitement and rhapsody feeling, especially on the second day when the weather got worse. Maybe, the weather was not very high but i felt different as it was my first time. I am sure our skipper and trainer would not have put us on risky situation.

Even today, i can remember those beautiful feelings full of rhapsody and excitement. Actually i have never lost them. I feel happy whenever i step on a boat and go out on seas. I think i am lucky for finding out those feelings so i reached today and starting my new life with those motivations.

I worked for a corporate company and on a totally different area for long years but i have never lost my relation with sailing and the boats. More than half of my career was i was on field and traveling with a very dense calendar, but i was the one who was planning and preparing the sailing holiday for my friends for yearly holiday times. I was searching for the boats, finding out the routes, preparing the budgets and put the results on presentations for my friends. Thanks god, i have finished many routes, miles and holidays on sail boats with my friends without any accident. Today, we remember them all happily all those beautiful cruises.

To finalize, i would like to go back to beginning. I have worked for 16 years on corporate world with self sacrifice. And today, finally i am starting to a new adventure with a big support of a close friend. We have bought a sail boat, started a business and put the name as Sailing-Rhapsody. It is time to see where the wind will blow.

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