• Bülent Özsoy

🇬🇧 Tough Times for a Start-up

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

I wrote this heading, but these times are hard times for all humanity. Health is the first priority. We all need to take necessary actions told by authorities in order to keep ourselves safe. Not only ourselves, we have to do those necessary actions to keep our family and society safe.

Other point is the financial situation. There are hundreds of companies at different scales who are all worrying about the near future and making plans to take precautions. I am one of those startups who worked as a white-collar employee for long years. There is something for sure, this year was not the right choice to start a business, especially for tourism industry.

I am not hopeless, and I am going on to take my necessary actions according to my plans. Maintenance of the boat, harbor paper Works, status change from private to commercial, seaworthiness report, necessary actions to fulfill the missing inventories for these reports are all completed. On the other side, relations to global agents, web page optimization, social media content creation are ongoing.

If you would like to stay on a sail boat during these difficult times, and if your hashtag is “Lets StayOnBoat” instead of #stayathome, you are always welcome to contact me. At some point the safest and healthiest way of doing holiday is to be away from land and people. And the best way to be isolated is to be on a sail boat.

I hope that there will be a solution for Covid-19 problem in the shortest while. I wish the best for our World.

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