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There are so many beautiful locations to sail & visit around Marmaris.

Your sail boat will be your home. Just enjoy the sun, sea, delicious food. 

We recommend the sailing plan. We can change it before, after or during our sailing.

W E E K L Y   P L A N

Day 1: Marmaris - Çiftlik

Day 2: Çiftlik - Bozukkale

Day 3: Bozukkale - Dirsekbükü

Day 4: Dirsekbükü - Kurucabük

Day 5: Kurucabük - Datça (Armutlusu)

Day 6: Datça - Bozburun (Adaboğazı)

Day 7: Bozburun - Serçe Limanı

We can revise and edit plan before or during sailing week according to your expectations.

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