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Destination East

Route Plan

Day 1: Marmaris - Çiftlik

  • Distance 12 NM
    ​Duration 2 hours

Çiftlik is a perfect location to stay on first day. There are five nice restaurants. They all have shore electric and water. If you would like to have dinner on boat, we can anchor in the bay. The sea is beautiful. Çiftlik is also very safe to stay at anchor. 

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Day 2: Çiftlik - Gebekilise (Swimming break)

            Gebekilise - Bozukkale

  • Total Distance 15 NM
    Total Cruise Duration 2 hours 30 minutes

After Çiftlik, we will give a break at Gebekilise. Gebekilise is a very beautiful nature and crystal clear water. Perfect location to have the breakfast at boat. There is no restaurant. 

After Gebekilise we continue to Bozukkale. There are 3 restaurants. Loryma is the ancient name of this place. 


Day 3: Bozukkale - Oğlanboğuldu (Swimming break)

            Oğlanboğuldu - Dirsekbükü

  • Total Distance 16 NM
    Total Cruise Duration 2 hours 30 minutes

Oğlanboğuldu has the most beautiful color of the sea. You will be feeling like you are at tropical islands. 

After a long break here, we will continue to Dirsekbükü which is one of the most safe places on all kinds of weather conditions. Here, there is a restaurant run by the local family with delicious sea foods and snacks. However, we can anchor anywhere in the bay if you would like to stay on boat for dinner. 


Day 4: Dirsekbükü - Bencik

  • Distance 6 NM
    Duration 1 hour

Bencik is the most silent and peaceful bays. It is the deepest fiord in Turkey. From Dirsek to Bencik, sun set is a beautiful view so it is good to make the timing accordingly.  

Screenshot 2023-10-15 at

Day 5: Bencik - Adaboğazı

  • Distance 11 NM
    Duration 2 hours

Adaboğazı has the most turquoise color sea around this area. 

The shallow waters are giving an extraordinary beauty to the color of the sea. You will be very excited and will want to stay in the sea forever. 

Screenshot 2023-10-15 at

Day 6: Adaboğazı - Serçe Limanı

  • Distance 14 NM
    Duration 2 hours

Serce is a natural hided like a secret location. You would never expect such a beautiful nature and the sea before you enter to the bay. 

There is an option of restaurant with port. There is no electricity or water for the boat. If you would like to stay on boat for dinner, mooring to anywhere in the bay is also very safe.


Day 7 :Serce - Marmaris Netsel Marina

  • Distance 25 NM
    Duration 4 hours

It is time to begin returning Marmaris. There is quite long distance to complete and it is better to leave as early as possible in order to have the day time saved. 

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