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Greek Islands

Route Plan

Day 1: Marmaris - Çiftlik

  • Distance 12 NM
    ​Duration 2 hours

Çiftlik is a perfect location to stay on first day. There are five nice restaurants. They all have shore electric and water. If you would like to have dinner on boat, we can anchor in the bay. The sea is beautiful. Çiftlik is also ve safe to stay at anchor. 

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Day 2 & 3: Çiftlik - Rhodes

  • Distance 16 NM
    Cruise Duration 2 hours 30 minutes

Rhodes is a big Island and there are many places to discover. After completing the register and passport operations, you are free to discover the restaurants and cafes with delicious Greek cuisine. 

One day is mostly not enough for this historically rich island, so we stay here for two nights.


Day 4: Rhodes - Canak

  • Distance 22 NM
    Cruise Duration 3 hours 30 minutes.

At Canak, there will be only you, stars and silence. The peace here is extraordinary. This bay is one of the most beautiful places as nature and color of sea. 


Day 5: Canak - Symi Island

  • Distance 8 NM
    Duration 1 hour 20 minute

It is time to walk through the district of multi-colored mansions in Symi Island. 

You will enjoy the beauty of this small island. You can enjoy the Greek Cuisine at nice and famous taverns. 


Day 6: Symi - Bozburun

  • Distance 14 NM
    Duration 2 hours

Bozburun is a small town with customs at horbour. We will be doing passport operations to enter Turkey again. In the mean time, you can enjoy the lovely city center. 


Day 7 :Baba Island - Marmaris Netsel Marina

  • Distance 40 NM
    Duration 6 hours

It is time to begin returning Marmaris. There is quite long distance to complete and it is better to leave as early as possible in order to have the day time saved. 

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