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  • What is checkin and checkout times?
    Boat will be ready and you can checkin at 1500 on saturdays. But you can drop your luggages to the boat if you like before checkin time. Boat should be at marina before 1700 on friday. Checkout is 0900 in the morning on saturdays.
  • Where do we meet?
    Our boat is located in Marmaris Netsel Marina.
  • How do we handly cooking in the boat?
    We have and provide all cooking and kitchen equipments. Since we are in a boat with smaller spaces, it is better and easier to prefer more simple meals. If you don't prefer to cook in the boat, we can always navigate to destinations with restaurants.
  • Can we do dailly rental?
    We can do only weekly charters. They all start on saturdays.
  • How many people can you host at one boat?
    Our boats' capacity is 6 people. This is the legal capacity and can not be exceeded. This number includes the skipper.
  • What do i need to have to rent as bareboat?
    You must have valid licences and sailing experience.
  • What kind of cloths shall i bring?
    You can bring any kind but we reccommend to not to bring too much clothes. Also it is better to not to bring luggages. Instead, it is more comfortable if you bring sport bags since there are not big spaces in the boat.
  • What is a transitlog?
    Transitlog is a legal document that must be submitted to port authorities including the detailed informations (like passport numbers) of the people onboard.
  • Is fuel included in the price?
    Fuel is not included in the price. But sailing boats have very small engines which are very economic. According to our statistics, depending on the route, sea and weather conditions, total consumption in 1 week would be around 100 litres of diesel.
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