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Destination West - Göcek

Route Plan

Day 1: Marmaris - Ekincik (My Marina)

  • Distance 19.5 NM
    ​Duration 3 hours

Ekincik is one of the most peaceful places. It is a very small village surrounded buy hills of forests. 
My Marina provides shore electric and water. Mooring is not free. There is restaurant however guests can prefer to stay on boat for meals. 


Day 2: Ekincik - Aşı Bay

  • Distance 10.5 NM
    Duration 2 hours

Aşı Bay is one of the must see locations. There is no restaurant. It is only nature closed with the high hills. Sometime swells come and continue and might be a little uncomfortable however it is safe to anchor. 


Day 3: Aşı Bay - Göcek (Binlik Bay)

  • Distance 20.5
    Duration 3 hours 30 minutes

We are now in Göcek. Binlik Bay is one of the best options to see in Göcek. The sea and nature is amazing. There is one restaurant with nice sea food. How ever to moore to nature is another option if you would prefer to eat on boat. 


Day 4: Binlik Bay - Göbün

  • Distance 2 NM
    Duration 20 minutes

Göbün is one of the most famous bays. It is very safe to stay there even on very high weathers. The restaurant here is open on winter time also. We can spend day sailing in Göcek before mooring to Göbün and give some breaks on different bays. 

Screenshot 2023-10-14 at 23_edited.jpg

Day 5: Göbün - Boynuzbükü

  • Distance 3 NM
    Duration 30 minutes

Boynuzbükü is a safe and narrow creek surrounded with beautiful trees. There is an option to stay on restaurant. Or if you would like to eat on boat, you can stay on anchor here. 


Day 6: Boynuzbükü - Baba Island

  • Distance 18 NM
    Duration 3 hours

It is an island to be seen on the way to return to Marmaris. There is no restaurant on the island. There is a diving school on a boat. There is a under water cave here which is the most visited place for divers in Turkey. 


Day 7: Baba Island - Marmaris Netsel Marina

  • Distance 23 NM
    Duration 4 hours

It is time to begin returning Marmaris. There is quite long distance to complete and it is better to leave as early as possible in order to have the day time saved. 

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