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We are ready to improve your skills, either you are at begginer or intermediate level on sailing. 
Experience all kinds of scenarios on boat and doing nautical miles are the key words for progress.
Topics are as follows;

  • Basics of sailing, sailing in different directions

  • Basics of sailing, go higher and lower, bear away and head up

  • Basics of sailing, tacks and gybes, point to the wind

  • Winds, wind forces, read winds

  • Read weather, interpret a forecast

  • Seafare and safety

  • Knots

  • Throw ropes

  • Navigation

  • Boat handling, maneuvering and docking, anchorage (anchorage not dinghy)

  • Basics of trim of the boat and sail, cunningham, outhaul, kick, balance in the boat

  • Practice in sailing


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